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April 26th, 2019 Leave A Comment

Have You Ever… I Have.

There’s a pretty popular comedian these days named Tom Papa. He has a podcast, a radio show on Sirius XM and a TV Show on Food Network. He is also a writer and performer on the radio show Live From Here. Live From Here replaced the popular Prairie Home Companion on American Public Radio a couple of years ago.

Tom’s style is a kind of light deadpan humor. His segment on Live From Here is called ‘Out in America’. The routine involves him calling in from some place in the USA to report on what’s happening there and what happened to him on his visit. His standard report includes a rhetorical question or several, phrased in the same way each time, that he uses to describe something that has happened to him while ‘out in America’. For example during a visit to a Jamba Juice in Denver he asks “Have you ever leaned back on your stool and realized there’s no backrest? And ended up hanging upside down while green drink poured all over your face? I have.” Sometimes outlandish but often very relatable, it’s a clever routine and usually very funny.

So borrowing from Tom’s routine: Have you ever called out a family member for an act or proposed course of action that is just so blatantly wrong you just can’t even believe they’re contemplating it? I have. And have you ever had your opinion completely misrepresented by that family member as they try to defend their proposed action? I have. Furthermore have you ever had another family member jump down your throat and accuse you of having the same characteristic that you are seeing (greed) in the family member you called out? I have.

Have you had an experience like this? Admittedly I have given no particulars at this point. However I wasn’t born yesterday. I feel extremely confident that the proposed action is wrong, a conflict of interest and potentially very detrimental to another family member of all things! What was your response? How did you handle it? How did it work out for you?

After being condemned by the ‘other family member’ I decided to do as he suggested and drop it. Yes, I dropped it. Completely. I also forgave the two of them in my heart and mind for what they have done and said. The moment I did that I was liberated. It felt like a 500 pound weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I’m still concerned and still interested in how it turns out but I no longer have a dog in the race so to speak and it feels good. How about you? What has been your experience in a situation like this?

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