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April 10th, 2019 Leave A Comment

To Stage or Not to Stage That is the Question!

Staging with Occasional Tables and Throw Pillows Improves the Look

Late last fall we listed a beautiful contemporary home in Crownsville for sale for a client. I had represented this client in the purchase of that home just three years earlier. Their needs had changed and I helped them buy their new house earlier in June and he reached out to me to list the old house.

During our discussions about marketing he had asked if we could stage the home – set it up with furniture and accessories to give it the best possible appeal for photos and subsequent showing. I said we could. I thought that I was agreeing to simply arrange for staging to be paid for by him. He really thought that I was saying that we would actually perform the staging.  But he was right and I was wrong. Because he reminded me that I had indicated that I had access to furniture that could be used for this purpose. Only I discovered that the access was much more limited than I had realized.

After obtaining a quote from a home staging vendor – it was pretty expensive, my partner Laura Litten and I decided we would handle it and I let the seller know. The seller had planned to leave some particular pieces of furniture and other furnishings and we would supply the rest. He was happy. We went shopping.

We bought a bed frame, a dining room table and two chairs for it along with two occasional tables. We supplied a mattress and bedding along with a bedside table and lamp. A purchased bar height chair and throw rug rounded out the necessary items. Staging took place, photos were taken and the house went on the market October 26th 2018.

Prior to this I was ambivalent about staging however this transaction completely changed my mind. I now believe that for a house that is in good to excellent condition, it’s essential to have a certain amount of staging. This makes for better photos and allows a potential buyer to envision their own furniture in place of what has been set up for showing. And it also communicates much about how the house will function in the different living areas that are set up.

Even though I had not communicated well initially, in the end it was worth the effort. Laura and I had fun obtaining the furniture. It made the house even more desirable than it already was and the photos turned out particularly well. The property was under contract in just 39 days and settled 44 days later for the list price.

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