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March 14th, 2014 Leave A Comment

What’s Your Annapolis Home REALLY Worth?

Whose Numbers Matter Most?  Yours Or Theirs?

Statistcal photoEvery month we get all kinds of statistics blasted at us from the government, television news, magazine articles and other types of media that we may or may not actually be paying attention to.  Things like the consumer confidence index, the builder confidence index, housing starts, the affordability index, the Case Shiller home price index and on and on it goes.

So what’s a potential home seller or home buyer to do with all of this statistical information when trying to decide if or when to buy and sell?

The Only Numbers That REALLY Matter Are Yours

What is your income, how much debt do you have, does your job situation seem stable.  How much are you comfortable expending on your mortgage each month, how much do you have in savings, how much cash is available for a down payment?  If you are a seller, what is your home worth, how much do you owe, how much time do you have to accomplish a sale, can you afford the home you want to move on to?

In spite of our new “global” perspective, much of life is really lived much closer to home.  Nothing could be more true about the decision to buy or sell your home.  So tune out the media chatter and tune in to your own specific statistics to make the best possible decision for your own life.

If your own numbers are in favor of buying or selling, then give us a call, I would love to help you make the move!

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