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February 5th, 2014 Leave A Comment

3 Things You Must Do to Sell an Undeveloped Building Lot:

Part two of a three part series  Engineering - see description
2. Find the plat or site plan or get a survey done.

Yep, that might cost you some money also. However, a lot that already has this work done will absolutely sell faster than one that doesn’t – and for a higher price as well. When something sells quickly that generally means the buyer perceives it to be a good value, right? In a store, the items that don’t get sold quickly get put on a sale rack, and then a clearance rack to be sold for less money, because no one wanted them. Trust me, a clearance rack sale is not a happy ending for you.

When you make it clear, by providing the actual paperwork, what the buyer can do with the property and or when some of the work necessary to begin building is already completed, you have presented the buyer with a value proposition involving both his time and his money. That will produce a successful sale.

Make certain that the paperwork is completely accessible. The plat, site plan or survey should be uploaded to the multiple list document section on your listing so an agent can show your property at a moments notice with plat, site plan or survey in hand. A brochure box at the lot with the plat inside is also an excellent idea.

If you have an undeveloped lot to sell contact Laura Litten today at 301-399-6638 or email [email protected]  Part three coming soon.

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