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February 2nd, 2014 Leave A Comment

Here’s Why City Slickers Don’t Sell Country

Should you hire an out of area or inexperienced agent to sell your Anne Arundel County or Southern Maryland lot, land or farm?     BarnIMG_20140201_124512_856

My advice about that would be a resounding NO! Here’s why: there is a lot of know how involved in selling that type of property. If the agent you hire is not familiar with local county zoning and building ordinances, they will be of little assistance to you or the buyer/buyer agent in bringing a deal together and getting it to settlement. Beyond that, practical, real world experience is tremendously helpful when dealing with things like perc testing, boundary issues, septic systems, site plans building permits, driveway easements, development rights and more. If your agent is not experienced with these issues, you are on your own.

A true example of a sale that didn’t happen.

I was recently working on the sale of a lot that had never been built on in an older subdivision. The buyer and seller had agreed on price but the seller would accept no contingencies.  During the course of the negotiation, it became apparent that I was dealing with an agent who had failed to prepare her client for reality – possibly due to her inexperience. After all, the lot had not been perced for more than 40 years. Who in their right mind would pay $150,000 not knowing if the property was buildable? That deal did not work out and the seller withdrew the lot from the market.

So here’s what to look for in an agent when selling a lot, land or farm in Anne Arundel or Calvert County.

Above all, experience – someone who has real world , practical experience out in the field working with  buyers and sellers who have purchased or sold lots, land or farms, subdivided and developed land into building lots, been involved in the construction of homes or other buildings and worked with engineers, attorneys and county officials in the process. Don’t settle for anything less – it could be the difference between complete failure or a successful sale.

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