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January 31st, 2014 Leave A Comment

“Toto, We’re Not In Dunkirk Anymore!”

Finding the unexpected right around the corner  IMG_20130408_161743_067

I’ve been selling real estate in Southern Maryland and Anne Arundel County for nearly 30 years. But as I pulled around the circular driveway to the back of the house on a 60 acre farm in Dunkirk, MD that my buyers had asked to see and stepped out of my car, I thought I had been transported to some other place and time. The view from the hill, overlooking most of the 60 acres was just amazing. The land dropped away 30 to 40 feet to cleared farm land with a pond all of which was embraced on three sides by soaring trees with a creek and marsh land bordering one side. I could only imagine what the view would look like in blazing fall colors, or in winter with a thick layer of snow.

Don’t get me wrong, there a lots of great views in Calvert County

After all, Calvert County is a long narrow piece of land with the Chesapeake Bay on the east side and a major river – the Patuxent on the west and these two bodies of water meet at the southern tip of the the county. So there are lots of great views, mostly water related, including expansive view, wide open Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River vistas, deep boating –  water creek, marsh views and more. But this made me feel as if I had stepped out into some other, more peaceful world. It was unique for the area and a scene you would never grow tired of.

The unique property you are looking for may be right around the corner

If you are dreaming of a farm, a historic home or something else truly different – don’t assume you will have to leave the area. You just may be surprised when that perfect and amazing property turns out to be right around the corner from you.

And yes, my clients “bought the farm.”

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