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January 31st, 2014 Leave A Comment

Do Hardwood Floors Really Gleam?

BaconRidge_045_darkOne of my Real Estate related pet peeves.

It seems we realtors lack imagination in general or bountiful vocabularies specifically. Every listing I see, particularly in Anne Arundel County, shouts out about the “gleaming hardwood floors.”

I love hardwood floors in a house, but really? Get a thesaurus (you know, that book or internet site where you look up the word and it gives you a list of some other words, that basically mean the same thing) and put a little variety in your marketing.

Hardwood floors could be glossy, brilliantly or highly polished, smooth and sultry, bold and beautiful – okay, I’m getting carried away, but you get my drift.

I personally pledge to up the ante and encourage my fellow Realtors to do the same. I will find the words to convince some buyer those really are the floors they’ve been looking for their whole life long.

To buy (or sell) the gleaming, er, uh, highly polished hardwood floors of your dreams, contact Laura Litten at 301-399-6638 or [email protected].

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