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January 31st, 2014 Leave A Comment

3 Things You Must Do to Sell an Undeveloped Building Lot At the Highest Price In the Shortest Amount of Time

Part one of a three part series.

How to position your building lot for a quick and well-priced sale:  tree lined walk

I wrote recently about a lot offer that didn’t work out because the seller would not agree to a perc test contingency in the contract. If you own a building lot in Anne Arundel or Calvert County that you are considering selling, you may be wondering how best to position the property for sale.

Here are the top 3 things I think you must do to sell quickly for the highest possible price:

1. Get a perc test!

Yes, that involves some money but frankly, without it – or the ability to hook up to the public sewer right now (not in a couple of years, maybe) – the demonstrated value of your lot is virtually zero.

Trying to sell a lot without a perc test, would be like trying to convince someone to buy a car without opening the hood to make sure there’s an engine in there and then taking it for a test drive.

Be on the look out for part two of this series.  To talk about listing your building lot for sale call Laura Litten at 301-399-6638 or email [email protected]

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