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January 20th, 2014 Leave A Comment

6 Essential Considerations When Choosing A Retirement Location

These 6 considerations could be key to whether you will make a successful transition to your preferred Choosing A Retirement Locationretirement locale.

How Far From Family

1. Think about how far you really want to be from your family and other support system.  Sure, sometimes you think the other side of the country isn’t far enough.  But let’s be real.  If you like to see your family for holidays, if you would rely on them for help if a serious medical situation came up, then you really don’t want to be quite that far.  Put it in the context of travel time—what is really a reasonable distance?

Climate Suitable

2. Does the climate suit you?  Don’t decide to relocate permanently to somewhere you have only ever visited on vacation in the summer. You might not like it the rest of the year.  Periodic visits, during different seasons, or renting in place for one year are good ways to test whether this is a good permanent place for you to live.

Recreation and Culture

3. Are your preferred recreational and cultural activities readily available?  Presumably, in retirement you would be planning to do more of the types of activities you already enjoy so if a weekly hike in the mountains is essential to your well being don’t move to the beach.  If you like museum hopping and the symphony, don’t move too far from a city which offers these opportunities.

Need to Work?

4. Is employment available if you need to work?  this is crucial since it relates to your financial situation.  It’s no fun ton make that big retirement move, planning to work part time for a while only to find out you can’t get any meaningful or financially viable work in your field.

Cost of Living

5. Cost is a big, obvious concern.  Do your homework about the cost of housing, utilities, transportation etc. relative to your personal financial situation.  Much better to select an affordable location up front, than to be forced to make a second move.

Assisted Living

6. A subject none of us really want to dwell on: the availability of “next stage of life” care- assisted living. Better to know up front if your would have to make a second move to accommodate these future needs.

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